PIPCO is a group of Pitcairn Islanders living here on PI.

We collect Honey from our hives,extract,strain and bottle into 250 gm amber jars.

The propolis is collected from the hives and processed into tincture. This is bottled into 25gm bottles and packaged in its own labelled box

Honey Soap and Honey & Propolis soap are made here on Island.

As we build our website, more and more Pitcairn products will appear in our store online.

Check out Bounty Model, Carvings, T shirts, Christmas Decorations and special deals on Honey Packs.

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PLEASE NOTE: Shipment is only every 3 month as we have only four Ships per year to our Island.

Delivery after the goods are shipped will take 2 weeks to enter the NZ intenational postal system. From NZ it will take extra 2 plus weeks before it is delivered to you.

PLEASE NOTE: when checking out your order from the add to cart section, please choose the correct country your goods are being shipped to from the drop down menu.

Make sure you have the correct shipping to your order. If this is incorrect we will send you a paypal invoice requesting more funds to ship your order. 

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NOTE: T shirt orders. Please state your preferred colour. IF we do not have the colour, we will contact you.

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PIPCO store is now open. 2020