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Weaving Mavis Christmas Decoration


Christmas Decorations comes in a pack of 3.

Each piece is woven using natural fiber sourced here on Pitcairn Island.

Made by 84 year old Mavis Warren and daughter Meralda.

The star, turtle and fish are woven using Piory thatch.

Each blade of thatch is collected, the thorns and ridges are scraped of. The blades are then rolled into balls before it is boiled in a big pot of water for several hours. The blades of thatch are then spread in the sun to dry and sometimes the drying process is finished in the traditional stone oven.

The string to hang, is made from pulau bark. sourced from the jungle of Pitcairn, scraped of its outer bar, the inner bark is soaked for a couple of month to ferment and washed until the loose fibers are gone leaving a strong almost transparent fiber.

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